A History of Excellence

Rengel Printing Company has a long history of exceeding expectations. Jack Rengel and Andy Goedert founded the company with just $500 worth of used equipment, and almost 100 years later, their small business is flourishing.

When Rengel Printing first hung its sign, St. Cloud's population was less than 20,000, the newspaper was written entirely in German and streetcars were still operating up and down the center of St. Germain Street. Ink was printed one color at a time and a hand-operated press was about the most advanced piece of technology in the printing industry.

Despite the struggles of the Great Depression, Rengel emerged stronger than ever. With business growing rapidly, our accommodations needed to follow suit. After five different locations, in 1983 we eventually settled in at 1922 7th Street North, where we remain today.

We've come a long way in 100 years, but we still keep our first printing press on display outside our front door, not only as a reminder of our heritage but as a symbol of our commitment to progress. Today, we provide a full spectrum of printing services using some of the industry's best equipment. And we couldn't be prouder of the work we do.

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